Entrevista a Dayal Patterson en Metalinjection

-In your book, you cover a lot of difficult subjects and personalities. I imagine many listeners wrestle with the fact they enjoy Burzum and Dissection, but feel that pang in their conscience when they consider the person behind the record. Is this something you've wrestled with yourself?
-Interesting question. Enjoying a band’s music does not have a moral or ethical value in itself I think, but giving them your money probably does.
Muy interesante entrevista en Metalinjection a Dayal Patterson, al periodista y autor de Black Metal: Evolution of the Cult (un libro, de momento sólo en inglés, que os recomiendo fervientemente), que está preparando nuevas entregas de su libro, que supondrán un buen cuerpo teórico inicial sobre el black metal. Tenéis el enlace aquí.
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